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Still writing checks? Consider the benefits of paying bills online

Still writing checks? Consider the benefits of paying bills online

Still writing checks; Consider the benefits of online bill payment

Given all the benefits of online bill payment – it’s convenient, fast, saves money and allows greater control – why not take advantage of this free service from your credit union?

Perhaps you don’t like change or the thought of adding your accounts to the bill pay system. Maybe you worry about sending payment data over the Internet. In reality, paying bills online may actually protect you from identity theft. The most common theft of personal information is not from the internet – it generates from statements left in mailboxes or by fraudsters who pilfer paper containing personal information from the garbage. With the power of the Internet, online bill payment sites use encryption technology to scramble your data during transmission, giving you the greatest level of protection possible.

There are two main ways to manage your bills online: (1) Log into each creditor’s website and pay them through secured portals; or (2) use a single website – Arsenal Credit Union’s – that allows you to pay all creditors from the same location. The second option makes it easier for you to track your spending, and it’s simple compared to scouring the Internet for your creditors’ unique websites. Plus, you won’t have to recall your numerous usernames and passwords!

If you want to use online bill payment, we can help you streamline the process. To get started, call us at 314.963.6363 and say or press option 6, then 2, or visit the Arsenal branch nearest you.