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Fees you won’t find at Arsenal

Fees you won’t find at Arsenal

The list of banks that offer free checking accounts is not that long anymore. Not only do we still have a Totally Free Checking account option, we also won’t nickel and dime you with fees.

There are many types of fees that our competitors charge that we don’t. To name just a few:

Wasting money
Are you wasting money at other financial institutions?
  • $4-$5 monthly fee for not maintaining a minimum balance in your savings account
  • $10 monthly fee if a money market account balance falls below the minimum requirement
  • Up to a $125 application fee for a loan
  • Anywhere from $500 to $1,500 in closing costs on home equity loans and lines of credit
  • $5.95 inactive bill pay charge if the service isn’t used during the month
  • $5 monthly fee for non-verification of your address
  • $35 for each checking item overdrawn, plus another $35 if the account stays overdrawn for five consecutive days
  • 3 percent or higher of the total amount being transferred to your credit card
  • Higher rates for getting a cash advance with your credit card vs. making a purchase with it

If you’re ready to stop paying ridiculous fees on your financial transactions, we’re here for you. Need a little more convincing? Read more about why you should choose Arsenal as your financial institution