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Arsenal CU member who saved the most each month:

Arsenal News

We refinanced many loans from other banks, such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and even loans from other credit unions.


Arsenal CU MemberMonthInitial Rate from Another LenderRate from Arsenal CU Based on CreditworthinessAuto Loan Amount RefinancedTotal Interest Savings
George G.April 201811.00% initial APR from Citizens One Bank3.49% APR from Arsenal$37,480.73 refinanced$10,792.00 total interest savings
Matthew B.March 20189.40% initial APR from Capital One3.49% APR from Arsenal$41,484.19 refinanced$9,417.61 total interest savings
Paul P. Jr.February 201816.00% initial APR from Investors Serving, Inc.4.99% APR from Arsenal$13,260.28 refinanced$7,880.00 total interest savings
Ken S.January 20184.47% initial APR from GM Financial2.99% APR from Arsenal$18,934.45 refinanced$2,912.94 total interest savings
Joseph M.December 201713.00% initial APR from Capital One5.75% APR from Arsenal$34,997.08 refinanced$6,880.11 total interest savings
Robert M.November 20178.94% initial APR from Ford Motor Credit Company3.25% APR from Arsenal$32,348.02 refinanced$6,580.87 total interest savings
Jasmin K.October 20175.33% initial APR from Ally Financial3.49% APR from Arsenal$32,737.41 refinanced$4,209.00 total interest savings
Paul D.September 20176.85% initial APR from Ford Motor Credit Company2.74% APR from Arsenal$36,945.50 refinanced$6,990.00 total interest savings
Neal F.August 20177.70% initial APR from U.S. Bank4.90% APR from Arsenal$70,570.06 refinanced$8,101.00 total interest savings
Everette O.July 20178.00% initial APR from Citizens National Bank3.19% APR from Arsenal$27,689.13 refinanced$5,005.00 total interest savings
Nicholos P.June 20177.00% initial APR from Ford Motor Credit Company3.19% APR from Arsenal$33,250.00 refinanced$4,772.00 total interest savings
Jason C. May 20176.66% initial APR from GM Financial4.90% APR from Arsenal$46,793.95 refinanced $3,382.00 total interest savings
Travis R.April 20176.15% initial APR from Bankwest 3.99% APR from Arsenal$48,698.50 refinanced $4,193.00 total interest savings
Gwendolyn P.March 201710.00% initial APR from BMW Financial Services3.99% APR from Arsenal$36,583.11 refinanced$9,105.21 total interest savings