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Arsenal Credit Union member who saved the most each month

Arsenal Credit Union member who saved the most each month

Over the past two years, we refinanced many loans from other banks, credit unions and financing companies owned by auto manufacturers, saving our members significant money. The table below shows just how much lower our interest rates are compared to others and how much less in interest our members had to pay after switching to us.


Arsenal CU MemberMonthInitial Rate from Another LenderRate from Arsenal CU Based on CreditworthinessAuto Loan Amount RefinancedTotal Interest Savings
Romeo S.November 201921.00% APR from Westlake Financial Services6.25% APR from Arsenal$18,186.46 refinanced$9,886.96 in total interest savings (with term shortened from 72 to 69 months, too!)
Simon F.October 20199.98% APR from Santander Bank3.99% from Arsenal$24,415.46 refinanced$6,335.27 in total interest savings (with term shortened from 72 to 60 months, too!)
Dylan H.September 201913.50% APR from Ally Financial4.74% APR from Arsenal$20,854.75 refinanced$6,556.35 in total interest savings (with term shortened from 72 to 69 months, too!)
Gloria M.August 201918.59% APR from Capital One Auto Finance5.74% APR from Arsenal$19,958.89 refinanced$9,279.02 total interest savings (with term shortened from 72 to 63 months, too!)
Larry T.July 201918.00% APR from Ally Financial7.99% APR from Arsenal$19,358.26 refinanced$7,379.29 total interest savings
Braden Y. June 201910.55% APR from Bank of West5.34% APR from Arsenal$55,729.17 refinanced$13,844.29 total interest savings (with term shortened from 84 to 72 months, too!)
Christine S.May 201923.00% APR from Santander Bank5.50% APR from Arsenal$26,518.75 refinanced$23,896.33 total interest savings (with term shortened from 84 to 72 months, too!)
Connie F.April 20198.62% from Ally Financial5.00% APR from Arsenal$21,730.03 refinanced$4,228.32 total interest savings
Brenda A.March 201912.50% APR from Ally Financial5.00% APR from Arsenal$25,685.28 refinanced$8,828.34 total interest savings (with term shortened from 75 to 63 months, too!)
Gushner W.February 20197.59% APR from a large, local CU6.00% APR from Arsenal$53,242.33 refinanced$3,540 total interest savings
John O.January 20198.06% APR from Denali State Bank5.75% APR from Arsenal$17,700.77 refinanced$2,843.71 total interest savings (with term shortened from 84 to 60 months, too!)
Eric A.December 201812.00% APR from GM Financial4.74% APR from Arsenal$71,195.52 refinanced$5,622.08 total interest savings
Michael P.November 20189.36% APR from GM Financial4.49% APR from Arsenal$45,822.07 refinanced$7,844.53 total interest savings
Christopher H. October 201812.49% APR from Ally Financial3.99% APR from Arsenal$21,736.42 refinanced$9,613.94 total interest savings
Richard F.September 201815.00% APR from Capital One Finance10.24% APR from Arsenal$38,208.61 refinanced$6,935 total interest savings
Justin C.August 20187.09% APR from Ford Motor Credit Company3.24% APR from Arsenal$53,706.21 refinanced$9,320 total interest savings
Noah A.July 20186.97% APR from PNC Bank4.24% APR from Arsenal$35,674.95 refinanced$5,183.27 total interest savings
James T.June 201821.00% APR from Mechanics Bank9.00% APR from Arsenal$15,600.00 refinanced$7,569.00 total interest savings
Brian R. May 20188.00% APR from a large, local credit union3.49% APR from Arsenal$33,103.91 refinanced$5,045.00 total interest savings
George G.April 201811.00% APR from Citizens One Bank3.49% APR from Arsenal$37,480.73 refinanced$10,792.00 total interest savings
Matthew B.March 20189.40% APR from Capital One3.49% APR from Arsenal$41,484.19 refinanced$9,417.61 total interest savings
Paul P. Jr.February 201816.00% APR from Investors Serving, Inc.4.99% APR from Arsenal$13,260.28 refinanced$7,880.00 total interest savings
Ken S.January 20184.47% APR from GM Financial2.99% APR from Arsenal$18,934.45 refinanced$2,912.94 total interest savings

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