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They freely give their time and talents to assure the success of our people-helping-people business

Arsenal News
They freely give their time and talents to assure the success of our people-helping-people business

A volunteer board of directors and a volunteer supervisory committee are yet another difference between credit unions and banks.

Those serving on a bank’s board do not have to be customers of the bank, and they are not elected by fellow customers. They are appointed, and they are financially compensated. While helping people with their financial lives may occur, making profits rise is top priority.

Those who serve on a credit union’s board are members themselves and are elected by membership to non-paid positions. The same for those who serve on the supervisory committee, which operates independently of the board. They all receive psychological “pay” – the personal satisfaction of helping people improve their futures and being part of a successful team. Volunteer skills contribute to the traditionally low operating costs of not-for-profit credit unions, compared with for-profit banks.

Four newly elected officers at Arsenal will provide leadership and be involved in decision-making at the credit union while being given opportunities to continue learning and broaden their experience and skills in areas in which they may not have much expertise.

Keith Emery and Juanita Novotny were re-elected on April 26 to three-year terms on Arsenal’s board, while two newcomers – Jim Sikokaitis and James Preston Jr. – were elected to their first terms on the supervisory committee.

Emery has served on the board since 2009. Prior to that, he was on the supervisory committee for two years. He is a developer and project manager at Paradigm New Media Group in St. Louis.

Novotny has been a board director since August 2014. She is employed by Daniel Jones & Associates, serving as senior accountant.

Simokaitis is a retired U.S. Air Force Officer who owns and operates a small business, Orangee Development, Inc.

Preston was appointed to serve on the supervisory committee in January 2018 before being elected to a three-year position last month. He  is a pharmacist with VA Health System, working full time at John Cochrane Medical Center.

Photo at the top: Volunteers were recognized at the beginning of Arsenal’s 70th Annual Membership Meeting by Board Chairman Randy Pratt (standing behind the lectern). Standing (from left to right): Juanita Novotny, Keith Emery, Board Vice Chairman Gary Dierks and Board Treasurer Bob Killion. Seated in front of Killion: Jim Simokaitis. Seated in right foreground, wearing black jacket and blue scrubs: James Preston Jr. Not shown: Board Directors Adam Thurau and Peggy Haberberger.