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No credit history? Ask about our first-time borrower program

No credit history? Ask about our first-time borrower program

Have you ever borrowed money from a financial institution? If you or someone you know has no credit history, it makes it harder to get loans for automobiles and houses when you need them.

No credit history loan - Arsenal Credit Union
Ditch the clunker and get the car you really want.
If you are still driving a clunker car that was handed down from your uncle and you don’t have the money in a savings account to buy a newer one, this year is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of Arsenal’s unique first-time borrower program. This program is designed for those who have no credit history, with the exception of student loans.

You can borrow up to $12,000 at terms up to 60 months for an automobile without a down payment or a co-signer.* This will get you behind the wheel of a more reliable pre-owned vehicle.

If you need a small personal/signature loan instead of an auto loan, our first-time borrower program enables you to borrow up to $2,500 at terms up to 36 months. You can spend it on anything you need, such as new furniture for an apartment or a new laptop for next semester at school. The affordable rates on these loans make them much more attractive than what predatory payday lenders offer.

Apply for a no credit history loan today

To apply, visit any of our branches, complete an online application or give us a call at 314.962.6363 or 618.239.6263, option 6 then 3.

If you do have an established credit history, check out our low rates on auto and personal loans.

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