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Blog Fraud/Identity Theft

6 online banking security tips

Fraud/Identity Theft
6 online banking security tips

When accessing your Arsenal Credit Union account, here are some online banking security tips to follow:

1. Never share your username or password

Never reveal your username and password to anyone or leave your password anywhere that someone else can obtain and use it.

2. Create a unique username

Your username must be between six and 20 characters and contain at least one letter; it can also contain numbers and/or special characters (@$_-=.!~). Do not use spaces or make it similar to your password.

3. Create a strong password and change it often

Change your password on a regular basis (at least once every three months), and choose passwords that are difficult for others to figure out. For a password that seems completely random (and therefore difficult for anyone to guess), use the first letter of each word from a line in a book, song or poem. For example, “Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!” would be “Wygc?GB!” Try two short words connected by punctuation, replacing letters with numbers if possible, such as “T1me#0ff,” or create an imaginary vanity license plate, such as “ACU4my$.”

Other advice for choosing a strong password: mix uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers, symbols and punctuation. Create a password that is between six and 32 characters.

DO NOT USE any of the following for your password: any form of your username; your first, middle, or last name; your nickname or initials (or that of anyone else); information that can be easily obtained about you, such as pets’ names, license plate numbers, telephone numbers, the name of the street you live on, etc.; dates, especially birthdays and anniversaries; keyboard sequences, e.g. qwerty; a word or abbreviation that can be found in the dictionary; or any password you found in a book or on a website about computer security. (Remember, hackers have access to that same information.)

4. Leave online banking using the Logout button

Use the Logout button to end each online banking session. Do not use the back button or just close out of the browser.

5. Make sure to balance your account

Balance your account on a regular basis. Online banking makes it easy! Be sure to contact us right away if you notice any unauthorized activity on your account.

6. Use the latest browser version for optimal online banking security

Ensure that your browser is up to date and security patches have been applied; always visit your browser’s home page to download the latest security patches even if they don’t alert you to do so. Never download software or click on links from senders you don’t know.