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The showroom at Arsenal’s Arnold branch just got a lot faster…

Arsenal News
The showroom at Arsenal’s Arnold branch just got a lot faster…

For a limited time, check out these two Honda motorcycles from Mungenast Motorsports in South St. Louis County.

If you’re interested in either of these bikes, including financing one of them with a motorcycle loan at Arsenal, here is some more information:

2018 Gold Wing

The ultimate performance machine

Honda Gold Wing on display at Arsenal Arnold branch

This is a bike 43 years in the making. Rebuilt from the road up. Refined inside and out. Ready for anything. There’s a new engine. New front suspension. Available 7-speed DCT. All in a more agile body that’s over 85 pounds lighter. You’ll also find the latest in technology, including Apple CarPlayTM integration, and five distinct trim levels to suit your style. The 2018 Gold Wing is designed to push the limits of what a touring bike can be. And expand the adventure beyond anything imagined.

2017 Africa Twin

Dream it. Do it. Ride it.

Honda Africa Twin on display at Arsenal's Arnold branch

For some people, a globe or a map isn’t some route-finding device. It’s a menu. Of all the places they can go, the things to see, the adventures to savor. But unless you plan on walking, you need a way to get there. And that’s the Africa Twin®. The perfect travelling companion for the explorer in you, whether it’s a weekend, a month or a lifetime. Where will it take you? Let’s look at that map.

A motorcycle loan at Arsenal

If you’re interested in one of these motorcycles, we have loans with low rates and long terms that help make your monthly payments affordable. Looking to purchase a pre-owned bike? We also offer low rates and flexible terms on these loans as well.