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Question: How do you save on school supplies? Answer: An Arsenal Visa® credit card

Question: How do you save on school supplies? Answer: An Arsenal Visa® credit card

It’s time to visit your favorite stores to stock up on school supplies. Sure, the shopping is a lot of fun, until you get to the checkout line and see the receipt. Things like pencils and folders might add up, but back-to-school shopping really gets expensive when you need to buy new laptops, tablets, textbooks and clothes.

Beautiful young mother and her cute little daughter are smiling while choosing school stationery in the supermarket

While store credit cards might seem like a good idea to prepare for the new school year, think twice before signing up. After an initial gift card, discount on your purchase or introductory no-interest period, the interest rate can skyrocket, leaving you with higher monthly payments than you imagined.

An Arsenal Visa credit card is ahead of the curve

If you’re paying for your back-to-school supplies using a credit card, don’t add high interest rates to your bill. Instead, use a low-interest, fixed-rate Arsenal Visa credit card that starts as low as 9.90% APR*.

More than just a low rate

While an Arsenal Visa credit card is a great way to save when do your back-to-school shopping, it’s also filled with perks that make your transactions safer, more convenient and more rewarding, including:

  • Easy mobile payments: Connect your card to your mobile device and checkout at the store with a swipe of your phone.
  • Rewards points: Earn points for every purchase, redeemable for merchandise, travel and gift cards – or use them toward your Arsenal credit card balance.
  • Alerts and controls: Receive text or email notifications for specific activity and limit when/how your card can be used.
  • Online travel notifications: Going out of town? Let us know online before you go so you keep complete access to your card.
  • Fewer fees: Pay no annual or monthly fees, no minimum finance charge, no cash advance fees and no penalty rate.

Already finish your shopping with high-interest credit cards?

Mother and son shopping for clothes

Transfer those balances** to an Arsenal Visa credit card at the same low rate you get for regular purchases, with no fee tacked on. Most issuers charge a fee for balance transfers.

If you already have a credit card with us, transferring a balance is easy through online banking. To get started, sign into online banking and click on your credit card account. From the Account Home page of your credit card account, select Services and click Balance Consolidation (second item in the menu).

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate, subject to change and based on creditworthiness. Rates as of 8-1-2018.

**Must have enough available balance on your credit card account to complete balance transfer.