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Take advantage of our free personal financial management tool: Money Management

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Take advantage of our free personal financial management tool: Money Management

Available to use in online and mobile banking.

Providing you with tools that improve your ability to manage your finances is important to us. Through our secure online and mobile banking services, you have access to a powerful software solution called Money Management that offers some of the best data cleansing and categorization available. It gives you the ability to see all of your financial relationships in one place and interact with that data in new and meaningful ways.

Money Management includes budgeting tools, expense tracking, debt management, net worth tracking and external account aggregation.


This gives you a single view of your Arsenal accounts and any accounts you import from other financial institutions. Change your account name, account type, interest rate, credit limit, original balance and account purpose. You can also manage alerts, exclude any accounts, mark accounts as duplicate and see your historical balance.


This is your complete view of all transactions from Arsenal and other accounts. Filter the view by account date or search the dataset for any keyword or amount. All of your tax-deductible transactions can also be marked throughout the year, and then filtered for easy access while filing taxes. Other functions include the ability to manually add transactions and to export the list to a .csv file for use in programs like Microsoft Excel.


View your spending habits in an easy-to-read pie chart. See where your money goes with several categories: Home expenses; auto and transport; food and dining; entertainment; health and fitness; and more. Change the date range to see how you’ve spent your money within the past few days, weeks or months. 


Stick to your budget! Create custom budget categories, change the amount of money allocated to your monthly budget, view historical monthly budgets and change your projected income amount. View your budgets as bubbles or traditional bars.


See a visualization of spending over time divided into categories. Drill into subcategory views and see transaction details. Track income and define the date range over three, six, nine or 12 months.


Manage all of your debts. View balances, APR, last payment date and minimum payment. Project when you’re going to pay off your debts and prioritize certain debts.

Net Worth

View your net worth over time. Drill into each month and see how certain transactions affect your overall net worth. You can even view your net worth over a date range of three, six, nine or 12 months.


Manage and visualize your financial goals on a set timeline. Create goals, name goals and associate goals with your Arsenal accounts or accounts from other financial institutions.

Cash Flow

See where your money is coming from, and then see the impact that recurring payments and other expenses has on it. Plan for future expenses better after visualizing your cash flow.

To use Money Management, simply login to your online banking account and find the link under the tab that says Manage Money. For mobile banking users, login to your account, tap More, then select Money Management.