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You can now share access to your Arsenal accounts

Arsenal News
You can now share access to your Arsenal accounts

Access multiple accounts with a single login

Whether it’s for an emergency, putting money in your college student’s checking account or managing finances for someone who can’t, sometimes you need access to a family member’s Arsenal account.

To make these situations easier to handle, you can now sign a cross-account agreement that allows you to share account access from a single online/mobile banking login.

What can I do with shared account access?

  • View balances
  • Check transaction history
  • Transfer money
  • Request transfers from linked accounts
  • Make a deposit into a linked account with mobile check deposit

Setting up a cross-account agreement is ideal for:

  • Couples who want to give each other access to joint or individual accounts
  • Parents who need access to their child’s account
  • Adult children who need access to an aging parent’s account
  • Business members with personal accounts

How do I set up cross-account access?

Both account holders must stop y a branch to see which account access option is right for them, and then sign the cross-account agreement.

If you have more questions about this new online/mobile banking feature, feel free to contact us or log into your account to start a secure live chat:

  • Online banking: Additional Services > Secure Live Chat
  • Mobile banking: Menu > Secure Live Chat


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