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Slate of candidates for next year’s elections at Arsenal announced

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Slate of candidates for next year’s elections at Arsenal announced

Two positions on the credit union’s board of directors and two on the supervisory committee are up for election next April. The following members will be on the official ballot:

For the board of directors:

  • James (Jim) Simokaitis (3-year term)
  • Carolyn Moore (3-year term)

For the supervisory committee:

  • Brandy Bennet (3-year term)
  • Charles Thilman (2-year term)

All were interviewed by the credit union’s nominating committee and recommended to the board, which approved the final slate on Nov. 17.

Elections will be held on Thursday, April 18, in conjunction with the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting at our Jefferson County branch.

Call for petitions

Any other members who would like to have their name added to the ballot can petition to do so by collecting one-half of 1 percent of the credit union’s membership, which is the equivalent of 135. The deadline is Saturday, Jan. 6, 2019. Contact Mandy Kennedy at 314.919.1002 for the official petition form and procedures.

Volunteer appointments

In related news, Carolyn Moore and Timothy Seher have been appointed to two-year terms as associate board directors. Associate directors participate in and assist with the decision-making process but do not get to vote on matters like elected officials do. Other duties include participation in various committees, discussions of new programs and policies, strategic planning, and new product development.

Supervisory committee members operate independently of the board of directors and staff to ensure that the credit union manages its assets and conducts operations in a safe and fiscally responsible manner. This includes making certain that all regulations, procedures and policies governing Arsenal are followed.

All elected and appointed positions are non-paid due to our structure as a not-for-profit organization. Thank you to those mentioned above for stepping forward to help us continue to succeed.

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