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The best times to buy the products you need

Consumer Tips
The best times to buy the products you need

It’s a new year, and you’re going to need new things. These are the best times to buy them.

Stores and manufacturers like to offer deep discounts on certain products at certain times of the year. With a little foresight, you can plan your major and minor purchases to get the most bang for your buck in 2019.


Gym memberships, fitness equipment, TVs and home-theater equipment

It’s time for a fresh start. Everyone wants to get into shape, so sporting goods stores will offer deep discounts on equipment and apparel. Gyms will also offer deals on memberships. According to NerdWallet, retailers also discount TVs and home-theater setups right before the Super Bowl.


Furniture, cell phones and camera

Furniture retailers get new inventory in February, so shopping for it early in the month can land you a great deal. You can even negotiate with the salespeople to get even lower-priced furniture. You can also find good deals on cell phones and cameras.


Luggage, boats and candy

Spring break means people need luggage for travel. Manufacturers come out with new designs at this time of year, so you can pick up a new set from last year’s designs for cheap.

Boat shows usually start in the beginning of January and wind down in March. Most dealers are looking to make sales and will offer discounts. If you need help financing this product, we have a boat loan for you.

Have a sweet tooth? Stock up on leftover Valentine’s Day candy.


Outdoor sports equipment and apparel

Warmer weather means a whole new set of people will resolve to get in shape by jogging. You can find a nice pair of running or athletic shoes on sale. Going the opposite route, after Easter (4/21) is another excellent time to stock up on candy.


Spring clothing, small appliances, furniture and mattresses

Summer is just around the corner, and retailers need to get rid of spring clothing for summer clothes. For Memorial Day, you’ll always see huge blowout sales from furniture and mattress stores. For some reason, small appliances are also on sale in May, giving you a great way to stock up on wedding gifts.


Gym memberships

Everyone is too busy enjoying the nice weather that they forget about going to the gym. Most gyms will have discounts at the beginning of the summer so they can increase their membership numbers.


Electronics, computers, home decor and tools

If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your air conditioner in the dead of the summer to go shopping, you’re in luck. Amazon’s annual Prime Day falls in July 2019. You will find huge discounts on almost every product category. You’ll also find good deals on computers, home decor and tools.


Back-to-school supplies and swimsuits

You won’t only find good deals on pencils and notebooks in August; you’ll also find the best prices on dorm-room essentials: linen, storage containers, office furniture, etc. Pool season usually ends on Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a swimsuit for that fall or winter vacation. Retailers also offer great deals on trunks and bikinis.


Automobiles, holiday travel plans, lawn-care equipment and wine

It’s the end of the third quarter of the year, and car manufacturers are getting ready to unveil next year’s models. Help your local dealer make room on the lot by purchasing one at a great price. Need a sweet deal on your auto loan? We have exactly what you’re looking for.

If you consider yourself an amateur sommelier or you just like the taste, now’s the time to stock up on wine during the harvest. You’ll also find great deals on your holiday travel plans as well as lawnmowers, trimmers and blowers.


Outdoor furniture and jeans

After back-to-school clothing sales are over, jeans take a dip in price until it’s Christmas shopping season. Retailers are also looking for room in their stores, and patio furniture takes up a lot of it. Much of it may be picked over, but you will most likely find a great deal if you find a table or chairs that you like.


Large household appliances, TVs and Halloween candy

Last year’s models for major household appliances (washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.) usually get steep discounts on Black Friday. If you find a good deal, we can help finance your purchase with a home improvement loan. Retailers often have other great deals on televisions and other electronics on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You have another chance to satisfy your sweet tooth on the cheap by stocking up on Halloween candy early in the month.


Large household appliances, electronics and summer fun

You’ll continue to find awesome deals on electronics and large appliances throughout the month. You can also find big discounts on summer sports equipment and pools during this cold month.