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Here’s why you should be using mobile banking

Mobile and Online
Here’s why you should be using mobile banking

You’re probably reading this article on your smartphone. In fact, the average American checks their phone about 52 times a day. If you are anything like the average American, you can use a couple of the 52 phone views a day to catch up on your banking with the Arsenal mobile app. Here are some excellent reasons why you should use it.

See your account balances in real time

There are so many cool things to buy; however, there is never enough money to buy all of it. Grabbing that last impulse purchase at the register could put your checking account into the negative. Don’t risk it. See how much you have in your account before inserting your card by checking your balance on the Arsenal mobile app.

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Bonus: Regularly checking your balances using mobile or online banking is also an excellent way to spot fraud and unauthorized purchases.

Transfer money and pay bills

Instead of visiting a branch to move money from your money market to checking or from checking to savings, you can make your transfers with a few taps. You can also pay your Arsenal loans with the same ease. Set up automatic payments for your outside accounts using bill pay so you don’t have to worry about missing routine payments.

Find a CO-OP Network ATM or a shared branch

Life takes you places, and your Arsenal mobile app goes with you. Before signing into your mobile banking account, you can find the nearest shared branch or free ATM by tapping the Locations tab at the bottom of the screen.

Chat with an Arsenal representative

You have questions. We have answers. You can start a secure, live chat with an Arsenal team member through your mobile banking account during normal business hours.

Taking a picture of a check for deposit
Deposit your checks

When you get a check, there’s no need to drive to a branch or an ATM to make the deposit. Use mobile check deposit to skip the drive, skip the lines and skip the wait. All you have to do is endorse the back of the check, grab an image of the front and back, then choose which account you want the funds deposited into. We’ll take care of the rest.

Skip the lines

Instead of waiting in line, you can take care of your Arsenal business from the comfort of your home. You’re always the first in line on the Arsenal app, so you can take care of your business pronto.

Spend nothing!

Mobile banking is free to use. All you need is a data or Wi-Fi connection. To get started, download the Arsenal Credit Union app from your phone’s digital marketplace and sign in with your online banking credentials. If you need help getting set up, you can start a live chat here. You can also give us a call at 314.962.6363, option 6 then 2.

Download the Arsenal app on your Android device.

Download the Arsenal app on your iPhone.