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Pet-supply drive: March 15-30

Community Involvement
Pet-supply drive: March 15-30

Help us collect pet food, supplies and cleaning products from March 15-30.

Here’s your chance to help bring some good luck to some animals that need it!

Most of our community involvement efforts focus on the people in the areas we serve. This March, we want to focus on our four-legged friends with a pet-supply drive. Bring donations to the lobby display at your closest Arsenal branch (NGA excluded). All donations will go to local area pet shelters and food pantries. Please donate new items only! 

View a full list of supplies pet shelters need the most.

Other ways you can help local pet shelters.

Donating to our pet-supply drive is an excellent way to help neglected animals and the humans who take care of them. Here are a few other ways you can help out.

Donate your time

Time is the one thing that is more valuable than money or supplies. Even if you can’t directly volunteer at a shelter, you can always provide a special skill you have, such as designing a poster for a shelter event or posting to your social media followers about the importance of donating.

Set up a donation on your wedding registry

Getting married? You’re going to get so many kitchen appliances and flatware sets that you won’t know what to do with them. You can always give your guests the option to donate to your favorite animal shelter instead.

Foster a pet

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to adopting a pet full-time. If you have an opportunity to watch a pet just for a little bit, a shelter may let you foster one until they find a “forever home” for it.

Give directly to a shelter

If you don’t feel like shopping for pet supplies, shelters are always looking for cash donations. A local shelter we partner with, Open Door Animal Sanctuary, has an online donation form directly on their website.