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Earn money for referring your friends to Arsenal

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Earn money for referring your friends to Arsenal

Arsenal’s member referral program: The perfect reason for a round of high fives!

Refer a friend or family member to Arsenal and both of you will earn $25 when they open a savings account. If the person you refer opens a checking account with a debit card or a loan of any type, you both receive $50.

You can earn up to $100 per calendar year for your successful referrals!

Three different ways to tell your friends about our member referral program

No matter how you and your friends stay in touch, making a referral is simple.

  1. Send an email
  2. Send a text message
  3. Post on their Facebook or Twitter

Make sure you get paid

It’s so easy to refer a friend using our new and improved online system. Make sure you get paid by:

  • Both of you must use the automated website before the account is opened.
  • After you fill out the information on the automated website, your friend must provide an email address, agree to the terms and conditions, and then come into an Arsenal branch to open an account or open one online.
  • After the account is open, the new member has 30 days to revisit the automated website and enter a date of birth.
  • Both of you must be age 18 or older.

Program subject to the official rules and terms and conditions.

Need a couple of talking points?

Friends giving each other a high five

If the extra $50 isn’t enough to convince your friend to open an account at Arsenal, here are some testimonials from our satisfied members.

“Best credit union. Been here my whole life and will never change banks.”
-Anissa P.

“Switching to Arsenal was the best banking decision I ever made. I wish I would’ve done it earlier.”
-James R.

“Everyone at my Arsenal Credit Union is a star. They are all so helpful, pleasant and profession.”
-David H.

“Arsenal Credit Union has been amazing! Very accommodating to my needs!”
-Jody S.

“I love Arsenal Credit Union! I think word of mouth is the best advertising and I always brag about this establishment. To me, ACU has a small town community feel to it, which I love, and I have always been treated with respect.”
-Sherri P.