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Donate blood at the Arnold branch

Community Involvement
Donate blood at the Arnold branch

Blood drive takes place on Monday, June 3, from noon until 5:30 p.m. There will be a giant bloodmobile, but still plenty of parking for all of our members.

According to Community Blood Center, blood drives hosted by companies, schools, places of worship and civic organizations supply roughly half of all blood donations across the United States. We’re proud to do our part by hosting this blood drive at the Arnold branch.

Stopping by to make a transaction or do other business? Why not donate? It only takes about an hour of your time.

Donate blood in honor of Heather Adams
Heather Adams with her daugher

Arsenal Credit Union’s employees have rallied around one of our own who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Heather’s cancer was detected back in November 2018 when she had to have an emergency appendectomy.

She has had to have blood transfusions due to anemia, which has helped to increase our awareness of how important it is to donate blood and platelets. Many of our employees have donated at blood drives and have plans to continue to do so. Donating is just one small way we can help and show we care for our friend.

Sign up today

To sign up, please contact Katie Dobbs at kdobbs@arsenalcu.com or 314.477.2208. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 1.800.RED.CROSS (1.800.733.1767) or by visiting RedCrossBlood.org and entering ArsenalCreditUnion.

If you plan to donate, set up a reminder for yourself by RSVPing on Facebook.

Why is it important to give blood?

The Foundation for America’s Blood Centers offers a number of important reasons why giving blood is so essential:

  • Blood cannot be artificially made
  • One in seven people entering a hospital needs blood
  • Someone needs blood every 2 seconds
  • 1 pint of blood is all that is needed to save three lives
  • More than 15 million pints of blood are transfused in the United States each year
  • More than 40 thousand pints of blood are transfused daily in the United States and Canada
  • Less than 10 percent of the population eligible to donate blood does so annually

American Red Cross Bloodmobile