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Your child’s hard work in school = 💰

Arsenal News
Your child’s hard work in school = 💰

Tracker’s Academic All-Stars Program is an easy way to grow your child’s youth savings account balance at Arsenal.

Your child worked hard during the school year. We want to reward them for the good grades they earned during the fall and spring semesters by depositing some cash into their Tracker Kids Club account.

Here’s how the program works:

Tracker Kids Club members in kindergarten through sixth grade will earn $1 for each ‘A’ (or equivalent) in the first and last semesters of English, math and science/social studies. Each eligible student may also receive an additional $2 per semester for ‘A’s’ (or equivalent) in other classes (up to two).

That’s a total of $10 into a youth savings account just for being a good student!

Don’t sleep on this offer!

To get your reward, bring your child into the nearest branch with his or her most recent report card. You can also email a copy of your child’s report card to jremes@arsenalcu.com.

The deadline is Friday, July 5. Rewards will be deposited into Tracker Kids Club accounts by July 15.

Get to know Tracker

Tracker hanging out with a bunch of pet supplies at the Arnold branch

As the mascot of Arsenal’s award-winning kids savings club, the big dog has some big responsibilities, starting with encouraging parents and grandparents to open credit union accounts at Arsenal for their loved ones. Here are some little-known tidbits about Tracker to share with your kids/grandkids:

Favorite meal:Pupperoni pizza
Favorite drinkWater
Previous job:Roofer
Best part of current job:Sleeping. When awake, dancing in school classrooms and community parades
Favorite song:"Who Let the Dogs Out" (by The Baha Men)
Favorite TV shows:PAW Patrol; Pound Puppies; So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite movies:The Secret Life of Pets; 101 Dalmatians; Hotel for Dogs; Super Buddies; Frankenweenie
Favorite TV channel:Animal Planet
Favorite Howliday:Thanksgiving
Pet peeves:Kids pulling my tail (ouch!)
Claim to fame:Largest dog to ever participate in Bark in the Park at Forest Park; completed the 1-Mile Fun Walk on just two legs!
Education:Master's in Barkeology from the University of New Yorkie