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eRecycling results: June 2019

Community Involvement
eRecycling results: June 2019

This June, we held eRecycling events at two of our branches. We prevented a total of 28,156 pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) from ending up in landfills!

A little rain? A once-in-a-lifetime St. Louis Blues celebration parade? Sleeping in on a Saturday? No, these things could not stop you from visiting a branch and bringing your old, broken and obsolete electronics to our eRecycling events.

Florissant Branch

We collected a total of 9,937 pounds of e-waste on Saturday, June 15. While the number is impressive on its own, it’s even more astounding that you came during the early rain and when everyone else in St. Louis was trying to get a good spot for the Blues parade downtown.

MRC worker helping a member remove items from a car

A member unloading his car to give e-waste to an MRC worker

Arnold Branch

Even though it was pouring rain all morning on Saturday, June 22, we collected a total of 18,219 pounds of e-waste! Simply put, we have never seen an eRecycling turnout like this before at our headquarters. From before 9:00 a.m. until about 11:50 a.m., we were bumper-to-bumper from our parking lot up to the government building on Vogel Road. Thank you for your patience and for taking the time out of your day to recycle.

MRC workers in the Arnold parking lot working in the rain

More electronic waste in the parking lot of Arnold

If you were just visiting the branch to make a transaction or conduct business during our eRecycling event…

We sincerely apologize for any time you had to wait in your car, any trouble you had getting out of the parking lot or for any other confusion. We understand the frustration and are working on a more effective process for next year’s event.

A big thanks to Midwest Recycling Center (MRC)

We’ve been holding these events since 2011 for our members and the community. We want to thank MRC for helping us set up these events and for providing us workers who get the job done – even in extreme heat or rain.

An even bigger thanks to our members and the community

Thank you graphic in a storefront

You didn’t have to do the right thing. You could’ve just taken your TVs, monitors and old appliances and thrown them in a dumpster.

But, at our two eRecycling events, you chose not to do that – even if it meant waiting for 20 minutes in the rain and paying a fee to properly recycle your items. We just want to thank you again for making our eRecycling events such a success, caring so much about the environment and for helping us stay so involved in the community.

What if I missed my eRecycling event?

If you were not able to attend your eRecycling event, you can check out MRC’s website for more events this year. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources posts additional eRecycling events, some of which aren’t held by MRC.