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Young Arsenal members save big during Credit Union Youth Month

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Young Arsenal members save big during Credit Union Youth Month

This year’s theme was “The future is yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!”

In April, Arsenal celebrated Credit Union Youth Month. During the month, 660 young members (under the age of 18) deposited over $300,000 into their savings accounts. Arsenal also opened new accounts for 31 youth members.

National Credit Union Youth Month results

Little girl taking a picture with a camera

Out of 108 credit unions in the country that participated this April, 3,746 youth accounts were opened and 43,000 young members deposited funds. Altogether, young credit union members deposited more than $15 million into their savings accounts.

In addition to teaching good savings habits at an early age, one participating credit union receives a $1,000 grand prize to distribute to their young members. This year, University of Louisiana FCU was randomly selected as the winner and will award $100 to 10 of its young members.

Arsenal supports young members (and non-members) throughout the year

Young girl with face paint standing against a wood fence

Credit Union Youth Month is always a great event. But, Arsenal takes it a step further and helps young people in the community throughout the year.

Classroom presentations

So far, in 2019, our Certified Educator in Personal Finance, Jenny Remes, has given 39 classroom presentations. She’s reached a total of 898 students in elementary, middle and high school.

Digital-based financial education

In addition to presenting in schools in person, we sponsor digital-based financial education through EVERFI at four local high schools.

Arsenal scholarship program

Every year, Arsenal awards scholarships to local high school seniors who excel in the classroom, participate in extracurricular activities and write an essay. In 2019, Arsenal awarded $5,400 to four students. In total, we’ve awarded $80,650 to 85 deserving young men and women over the past 23 years.

Youth-oriented donation drives

Over the past year, we’ve held several donation drives to help young members of the community. We’ve collected back-to-school supplies, canned food, diapers and even stuffed animals.

More about the award-winning Tracker Kids Club

Two basset hounds sticking their noses out a fence

Tracker Kids Club accounts (named after our highly energetic basset hound mascot) are available to children age 12 and under. These accounts typically earn twice as much interest as adult savings accounts, demonstrating first-hand the power of saving.

Kids also receive extra incentives for savings, including stamps they can redeem for prizes and money for good report cards. Parents and grandparents can bring their young ones into a branch to open an account and start saving!