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Watch out for this telphone scam affecting Cash App users

Fraud/Identity Theft
Watch out for this telphone scam affecting Cash App users

If you’re trying to reach the Cash App customer service center, remember that they do not offer help by phone. If someone claiming to be with the company asks for personal or financial information, do not give it to them.

Cash App, the mobile payment service from Square, Inc., is a convenient way to send cash fast. If you use it and need customer support, the only way to reach anyone is through the company’s website or through the app itself.

When you contact the company’s support team, they will never ask you for your credit or debit card number, your Cash App PIN or any other personal information. The support team will also never ask you to give a sign-in code or install additional apps onto your mobile device.

Don’t become a statistic

In March, a woman in Georgia lost over $4,000 when she Googled what seemed to be Cash App’s customer service number. Once she was on the phone with someone, all she had to do was give her telephone number, and the scammers took the money out of her account.

When you Google Cash App’s customer service number, you’ll see 1.855.351.2274. This number takes you to an automated hotline that tells you that tells that there is no live phone support and that scammers post fake numbers all over the internet.

Another way to help avoid fraud is to set up a Cash App PIN. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the profile icon in your Cash App home screen
  2. Scroll down and select Privacy
  3. Press Change Cash App PIN
  4. Confirm your new PIN

More info on mobile payment apps

Mobile payment apps are extremely popular at the moment and will only gain more users in the coming years. If you currently use Cash App or another service, check out this blog post for some tips on keeping your money and identity safe.