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Preventing identity theft, protecting the environment

Community Involvement
Preventing identity theft, protecting the environment

“Our shred events are designed to help people protect their identity by having sensitive documents cut into very small pieces so that none of the information becomes compromised. It’s very satisfying for all of us at the credit union to know that our efforts help to make a difference for our world today and in the future.”

Ken Moser, vice president of marketing at Arsenal

We once again organized and held community paper shred events at our branches this year.

The Arnold branch collected the most – 16,400 pounds of sensitive documents from individuals and small businesses on Sept 14 and April 13. American Document Destruction, our partner in these events, shredded on-site at no cost to participants. They later recycled the paper, helping to conserve natural resources and save energy.

Shred event at our arnold branch

On June 22, we partnered with another local company, Midwest Recycling Center, and helped keep 18,219 pounds of electronic waste from ending up in landfills and harming the environment. E-waste includes devices and gadgets nearing or at the end of their useful lives. About 85 percent of e-waste ends up in landfills or incinerators, releasing harmful chemicals and toxins into the ground and air.

Since holding our first paper shred event in Arnold 11 years ago and expanding the number of locations and events to include our other branches, we have collected and recycled 271,478 pounds of paper. From 2011-2019, we have collected and recycled a total of 174,172 pounds of e-waste.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up to our events this year. Stay tuned to your inbox, our website and to our social media channels for news on next year’s shred and eRecycling events.