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Arsenal offering new, free technology to help you in 2020

Mobile and Online
Arsenal offering new, free technology to help you in 2020

Stay tuned to your email inbox, our social media channels and ArsenalCU.com about when these new products will become available early this year.

Did you make a resolution to be better about your finances? We’re launching some new products and services to help you out.

As we’ve noted in another blog post, getting into shape and achieving financial goals are some of the most popular resolutions. If you’ve never worked out before, it’d be really intimidating going to a gym and just figuring everything out on your own. This is one of the reasons personal trainers make a killing this time of year.

Trying to take better control of your financial life can be just as intimidating. Over the next few weeks, we are launching new tools to help you manage your accounts, save money and communicate with Arsenal Credit Union. And unlike personal trainers, all three of these new products and services are free for you to use.

Arsenal CardKey

You get to decide when, where and how your debit and credit cards work.

You use your Arsenal debit and credit cards for just about everything. What happens when you lose your card? Do you panic? Do you try to call us immediately? Now there’s no need to do either, because the new Arsenal CardKey app lets you lock/unlock your Arsenal debit and credit cards anytime, anywhere.

Not only can you lock/unlock your cards, you’ll be able to see, by card, every single purchase you make as it happens, helping you keep track of transactions in a more real-time way. Arsenal CardKey lets you set up spending controls and alerts, replacing our current controls and alerts system and adding more customization for your debit card. You can set controls around things like purchase amounts, merchant types and locations and get notified when transactions outside of those controls are attempted.

But that’s not it! You’ll be able to notify us of your travel plans, pay your credit card bill, view your rewards points and much more.

Spend to Save

Watch your savings grow. Watch your piggy bank stay intact.

Are you good at spending money? How about saving money?

You always tell yourself you’re going to save more money every new year, but it’s always easier said than done. What if there was a way to automatically deposit money into your savings account without much thought or effort?

Spend to Save is tied to your Arsenal Credit Union checking account and Visa debit card. Every time you make a transaction, we’ll round it up the nearest dollar, then deposit that change into your savings account. The spare change will add up over time and become more meaningful and useful to you.

Once we’re ready to roll out Spend to Save, you’ll simply need to enroll in it if you’re interested. If you’re not interested, simply do nothing.

Live Video Banking

Don’t feel like getting out of bed today? We’ve got you covered.

Sometimes you’re too busy during the day to make it to an Arsenal Credit Union branch. Some days you just don’t want to get out of bed at all. No matter your situation, we’ll be here to help with Live Video Banking. Start a live video call with an Arsenal representative during business hours anywhere you have an internet connection.

Again, please stay tuned for more news about these product launches.