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Control your Arsenal debit and credit card accounts with CardKey

Mobile and Online
Control your Arsenal debit and credit card accounts with CardKey

We’re putting control in the palm of your hand – literally! 

Download the CardKey mobile app today

It’s our mission to save you time, stress and money. We want to introduce you to a new mobile product that does all three things: Arsenal CardKey.

CardKey works as its own app, separate from mobile banking, dedicated to letting you control how your debit and credit cards work. CardKey is more powerful and more customizable than the alerts and controls* feature we’ve provided for the last few years.

Check out all the cool things CardKey can do for you

Control where, when and how your cards work

You can set controls around things like purchase amounts, merchant types and locations. You can also receive notifications when transactions outside of those controls are attempted. Previously, with alerts and controls, you were only able to set up controls on a credit card. Now, you can set up the same security settings on both credit and debit cards.

For business members: Imagine being able to control where your corporate debit and credit cards are used by your staff. With CardKey, you can turn off transactions for unnecessary merchant types. For example, if an employee is traveling, you can allow transactions at gas stations, hotels and restaurants, but deny eCommerce and other types.

Lock and unlock your cards instantly from your mobile device

There’s nothing as stomach-sinking as losing your credit or debit card. With a simple tap of your screen, you can lock/unlock your cards if they’re lost or stolen. Locking/unlocking is also a good security measure for times you know you won’t be using your card (at work, asleep, etc.).

Use the button on the bottom-left of your card display to lock/unlock.

See, by card, every purchase you make

Budgeting is tough. CardKey lets you see every single transaction you make in real-time, giving you a glimpse into how often you use your card. You can even search by the stores you shop at the most to see just how much you’re actually spending at them.

This is where your transactions will appear.

And that’s not it…

Let us know before you go
  • Pay your credit card bill: CardKey is your one-stop shop for keeping track of your credit card.
  • View your CU Rewards points: See how many points you earn on credit and signature-based debit transactions (click the “view points” link in the center of your card on the Account Summary page).
  • Make CardKey your own: Customize your profile and use your fingerprint to login to your account.

Download the CardKey mobile app today

Click here to learn how to set up your Arsenal cards and start using CardKey today.


*If you currently have alerts and/or controls set up for your debit/credit cards, setting up alerts/controls in CardKey will make the later obsolete.