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Watch your savings grow: Introducing Spend to Save

Watch your savings grow: Introducing Spend to Save

We all know that pigs can’t fly, but that doesn’t mean your savings account can’t.

Are you good at spending money? How about saving money? If you’re looking at this blog post in line at Starbucks with a couple of Target bags in hand, then you probably already know the answer.

If you need a little help saving money, like the majority of Americans do, our new Spend to Save program makes it simple and automatic.

What is Spend to Save?

Watch your savings grow. Watch your piggy bank stay intact.

Spend to Save rounds up transactions you make using your Arsenal debit card and automatically deposits the change into your savings account. For example, a $12.46 purchase would be rounded up to $13.00, with 54 cents transferred to your savings account.

Spend to Save is free to use, unlike other popular “round-up” apps on the market. There’s no additional app to download – you can view all Spend to Save transactions within online or mobile banking.

At the end of the day, Spend to Save is just a great way to grow your savings account and put yourself in better long-term financial health.

How do I get started with Spend to Save

Watch your spare change add up.
  • First, you’ll need a checking account at Arsenal with a debit card (Spend to Save is currently available for consumer accounts only).
  • Email or call us or start a live chat with one of our eServices representatives and we will sign you up – with nothing to sign!
  • After you’re enrolled in Spend to Save, use your debit card and watch your savings account grow. Remember that the more you use your Arsenal debit card, the more you’ll see in your savings account.
  • When viewing your online and mobile banking accounts, Spend to Save transactions will appear as “Deposit SPD2SAV TRANSFER.”

What’s the typical spare change from everyday purchases?

Here’s what the average person pays each time they make a transaction at one of these popular retailers or service providers.


If you sign up for Spend to Save and make a purchase at each of these stores every week, you’d have an extra $3.82 in your savings account. In a year, you’d save an extra $198.64. Of course the exact change amounts will differ, but you’ll still see the savings!

Enroll in Spend to Save today!

For accounting purposes, if more than one debit card transaction posts to your account in a calendar day, the change will be totaled and transferred to your savings account and show as a single “Spend to Save” transaction. For example: on purchases of $12.64, $33.17 and $68.41, the transferred amount will show as $1.78 in your savings account, reflecting 36 cents, 83 cents and 59 cents being added up.

If the transfer of “Spend to Save” funds would result in an overdraft, the transfer will not occur.

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