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When we say Totally Free, we mean Totally Free

When we say Totally Free, we mean Totally Free

Most financial institutions have done away with free checking account options. Not us.

5 reasons to switch to a Totally Free Checking account at Arsenal Credit Union

1. Our Totally Free Checking account doesn’t make you jump through hoops

If a bank still claims to offer a free checking account option, it usually comes with a high minimum balance or forces you to get direct deposit. At Arsenal, our Totally Free Checking account has no minimum balance requirement. It’s simply free.

2. Access your money at close to 30,000 free ATMs across the country

Including 250+ in the St. Louis area. Just look for the CO-OP logo.

3. Visit 5,600+ shared branches across the country

As a credit union member, you can visit other credit unions around the country to make deposits, transfer funds and pay your loans.

4. Earn rewards on your purchases

When you use your Arsenal debit card and choose “credit” when you check out, you’ll earn rewards points you can use for merchandise.

5. Deposit your checks anywhere

Skip the branch visits. Download our mobile banking app and deposit your checks anytime, anywhere with Mobile Check Deposit.