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The future is now! Meet our 2020 scholarship winners

The future is now! Meet our 2020 scholarship winners

Since 1997, Arsenal has been helping students reach their academic goals. We’ve awarded a total of $88,750 to 93 students/members.

In past years, Arsenal Credit Union has awarded up to $5,400 to some of the best and brightest high school seniors in the St. Louis area. This year, a grant from Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation allowed us to award 1.5x more money to deserving students. We are happy to deposit a total of $8,100 to our 2020 scholarship winners.

2020 Randy D. Pratt Scholarship Award Winners

Our two top prize winners will receive scholarships of $1,500. The top prizes are named after Randy D. Pratt, the longest-serving volunteer in Arsenal’s history. Randy served as a volunteer for a total of 28 years, and led the board of directors for 18. He served as a scholarship judge for many years and also led the scholarship committee. This program was, and still is in his retirement from the Arsenal board, near and dear to his heart.

Abigail McGue

Our first winner is the daughter of Lisa and Tim McGue.

Abigail is still somewhat undecided on what she wants to major in, but says “I plan to use my scholarship to ultimately make my community and the world a better place. I know that I will have a positive impact on people no matter what field I choose to work in by sharing a smile with everyone I meet and putting my best effort forward in everything I do.

Learn more about Abigail in the video below.

Kennady Crutchley

Our second winner is the daughter of Dave and Lori Crutchley.

Kennady has always enjoyed giving back to the community and helping those in need. Her most rewarding community involvement experience has been volunteering with her parents at the Arnold Jaycees organization. Here she has helped less-fortunate children have special Christmases by shopping for presents, wrapping them and delivering them to the parents.

Learn more about Kennady in the video below.

2020 Arsenal Credit Union Scholarship Winners

These two students won $1,200 each.

Lynn Eckhardt

Lynn is the daughter of Susan and James Eckhardt.

As a member of student council and Key Club, Lynn is preparing herself for a future in law and politics.

Learn more about this future congresswoman in the video below.

Jonah Yates

Jonah is the son of Stephen and Anna Yates.

Jonah’s cross country coach describes him as someone who others look up to. He’s the first to cheer for others or offer support when a teammate is down.

Learn more about Jonah’s exceptional character in the video below.

Because of the grant from Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation, we were able to award an additional $675 each to these four students.

Emma Gottschlich

Emma is the daughter of Cindy and Eric Gottschlich

Emma’s tennis coach describes her as a one-of-a-kind student athlete and person. She’s a leader in every sense of the word – in the classroom, on the court and as a global citizen. Emma plans to use her scholarship money to become an environmental engineer.

Learn more about Emma and her green aspirations in the video below.

Alice Clauss

Alice is the daughter of Tim and Beth Clauss.

Alice’s French instructor describes her as a “top student” and a “natural, gentle leader with her peers.” He says that she helps make the classroom a welcoming place where one is not afraid to make mistakes or take risks, and she really listens to others.

Learn more about Alice and her plans for future leadership in the video below.

Addison Niethe

Addison is the daughter of Claire and Scott Niethe.

According to her high school principal, what sets Addy apart from the rest of the students is her leadership skills, her drive to succeed, and her generous personality. She’s a visible role model around campus through her many activities.

Learn more about Addison and her accomplishments in the video below.

Kenneth Damper

Kenneth is the son of Herbert and Jocelyn Damper.

Kenneth has served extensively with the Alzheimer’s Association as a youth advocate and a social media volunteer. The disease and its impact is something that hits home to him, as he has lost both his maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather to it.

Learn more about Kenneth and his future plans to major in zoology in the video below.

Congratulations to all of our 2020 scholarship winners.

If you are or if you know a student who will be a high school senior during the 2020-2021 academic year (who has also been a member of the credit union for over a year), we will begin taking applications for our 2021 scholarship awards in October.