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6 inexpensive home improvement hacks

6 inexpensive home improvement hacks

For less than $100, you can give a room an entire new look!

1. Cabinet Makeover

Give a tired kitchen a new look by replacing just the cabinet fronts.

2. Countertops

Cover your countertops with granite look-a-like Contact paper instead of springing for actual new countertops.

3. Curtain Rods

Use PVC pipes for curtain rods.

4. Mirrored Backslpash

Create a mirrored backsplash in your kitchen using a pack of self-adhesive mirror tiles, which retail at approximately $15 per 20-tile pack.

5. Paint

Give your home a paint job with fresh-looking walls for the cost of just paint and brushes.

6. Light Fixtures

Let the light in by replacing aging fixtures with trendy, inexpensive ones from Wayfair or Hayneedle.

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