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Five Arsenal members running for volunteer positions at the credit union

Arsenal News
Five Arsenal members running for volunteer positions at the credit union

Three incumbents and two newcomers are running for volunteer office at Arsenal this year.

Elections are being held during our virtual Annual Membership Meeting on Nov. 9. The following members were interviewed and recommended by the credit union’s nominating committee and will have their names appear on the official ballot, as approved by the board at its meeting on Oct. 22: Gary Dierks, Bob Killion, Adam Thurau, Dominic Consolino, and Cheryl Chibnall.

All but Chibnall are seeking positions on the board of directors. Dierks and Killion currently serve on the board as chairman and vice chairman, respectively, while Thurau is a board director. Consolino is seeking to join the board for the first time, while Chibnall is running for her first term on the supervisory committee.

Of the group, Thurau, an IT office director with the federal government, has been serving on the board the longest — since June 2010 when he was appointed as an associate director. He was elected to his first term the following year.

Dierks and Killion have been on the board since 2014, with the former having more than 30 years of professional experience in accounting, finance, forecasting and management, and the latter candidate having 25 years of accounting and human resources experience in the manufacturing and agricultural industries. Dierks is employed by Anchor Packaging; Killion works at Elgin Power and Separation Solutions.

Consolino is retired now after 18 years of business ownership and 20 years of employment with two major food companies. He has experience in sales, personnel and sales management, budgeting, customer development and relations, marketing, and the purchase and sale of real estate.

Chibnall spent 23 years working in the credit union industry, including nine with Arsenal. She retired from Arsenal in February 2019 and was appointed last November as an associate supervisory committee member. She has HR, marketing, customer service and sales experience.

In related news, on Oct. 22 Denese Williams and Larry McLean were appointed to associate director positions on the board. Williams has vast experience in commissioned sales and customer service, through both government agencies and the private sector, and currently works at the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health. McLean is executive director of the St. Clair Housing Authority and brings over 40 years of experience helping others from his career with the municipal not-for-profit.

Associate directors at Arsenal participate in board and committee meetings, strategic planning sessions and credit union discussions but do not have voting rights like elected officials do.