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Products for managing and tracking business expenses

Small Business
Products for managing and tracking business expenses

Running a business means overseeing a constant flow of money. Luckily, though, there are products that can help you cover, manage and track your business expenses effectively and smoothly.

Business checking accounts

A designated business checking account can help manage and track expenses, taxes and revenue. Separate accounts also protect business owners from losing personal assets if action is taken against the company. Business owners can use their checking accounts to deposit checks made out to their company and to cover business expenses, such as payroll or paying suppliers.

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Business savings account

A business savings account is an account designated for funds to be used in case of emergency or for future business expenses. The money in this account will grow at a greater dividend rate, but access to funds is more limited.

Business credit card

A business credit card provides small business owners with easy and unsecured access to a revolving line of credit. Business owners can use the credit to withdraw cash as necessary, cover large expenses, make purchases, fund expansion or meet monthly bill payments.

A business credit card is easier to qualify for in comparison to a business loan, but will nearly always have a higher interest rate. If the business owner is careful only to use the credit card when it is absolutely necessary and pays the bill before it’s due, interest will not accrue.

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Credit and debit card control

Everyone uses a credit or debit card differently. Our CardKey app puts you in control of the way you spend. You can lock/unlock your card if you lose it, set up spending alerts, alert us of when you’ll be traveling and so much more.

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