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‘Tis the season for old and broken Christmas lights

Community Involvement
‘Tis the season for old and broken Christmas lights

Recycle your old and broken Christmas lights for free at our Arnold, Webster Groves and Florissant branches from now until January 7, 2022.

Look for the bins outside of our branches

Recycling is free for members of the community. Please only place your old and broken strands in the collection bins. Don’t place any other decorations you no longer have use for.

We are partnering with Midwest Recycling Center, the same company we partner with for our eRecycling events, to offer this service.

Learn more about our commitment to the communities we serve.

Avoid the holiday drama with these five Christmas light safety tips

This would not be considered a safe light display.
  1. Be careful of broken bulbs that can cause shocks, burns or cuts.
  2. Use the right ladder when stringing up your house. Metal ladders conduct electricity and could pose a shock risk. Wood and fiberglass ladders are your best bet.
  3. Make sure to use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside. They are labeled as such for good reason. The same goes for extension cords.
  4. Keep the junction of where your extension cord and light cord meet dry by hoisting them up. Rain, snow and ice could cause a short circuit.
  5. Don’t leave your lights up until March. Many lights are meant for short-term use. Take them down early in the new year.