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Where’s my stimulus money?

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Where’s my stimulus money?

If you expect to receive a stimulus check as part of the latest COVID-19 relief package, please check your online/mobile banking account regularly.

Great news! Your payment should be coming shortly. We just don’t know exactly when.

Due to high call volume, please refrain from calling, emailing and starting live chats about this issue. We will not know exactly when the payment will arrive in your account. Please take the steps we outline in this post to receive the quickest notification.

Are you going to receive your check from the government via direct deposit?

This is the easiest, fastest way to receive your payment. If you received the last payment this way, you will most likely receive it again electronically. To know exactly when your payment arrives, you can set up an alert within online banking.

  • First, login to your online banking account above.
  • Next, navigate to Additional Services > Mobile Banking & Alerts.
  • From here, click on Add an alert +.
  • Set up a custom alert for a large deposit. You can also set up to be alerted for certain amounts (like $1,400).
  • Remember, you can set up to receive alerts via email and through text message.

Now you’ll know exactly when your money is in your account.

Are you expecting to receive a paper check?

When you do receive your physical check, you can deposit it at any of our branches (lobby, drive-up or ATM), or any shared branch/ATM you’re close to.

Or, you can skip the trip and deposit the check on your phone using our Mobile Check Deposit toolPlease note that if you’ve never used this tool before, the starting limit is $1,500. If you have a larger check, you may have to visit a branch, shared branch or ATM. 

How do I check to see if I’m receiving a payment?

The Get My Payment website is now available for you to check on your payment.