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Tipping the scales: Spring shred event results

Community Involvement
Tipping the scales: Spring shred event results

Thank you to everyone who came out to our paper shredding events we held this April and May. In total, you helped us shred/recycle 37,300 pounds of paper.

It was a record-breaking shred series


After taking a break from holding any events last year, it seemed like everyone held onto their documents for this season’s events. At our first shred event, held at the Webster Groves branch on April 10, we collected 12,400 pounds of paper. That was our all-time shred event record! But records are made to be broken…

At our next event, held at the Arnold branch on May 1, we collected a total of 16,800 pounds of paper. To top it all off, we collected an additional 8,100 pounds of paper at our Florissant branch on May 8.

Thank you to everyone for your patience. Thank you for waiting in line and making these events as organized as possible. And thank you for understanding if you were just coming to the credit union to make a transaction or sign loan documents. We will continue to work on our internal processes to make our next round of recycling events even more organized.

How much paper is 37,300 pounds?

That’s about 18.65 tons of paper! Let’s take a moment to visualize that even more.

  • It’s over nine full-grown adult hippos.
  • It’s over seven full-grown white rhinos.
  • It’s almost three African bush elephants.
  • It’s more than three full-grown adult orcas (killer whales).

Thank you American Document Destruction (ADD)

ADD workers taking care of our Webster Groves members out in the rain on April 10

Our partner American Document Destruction makes these events possible for us. They worked in the rain, through equipment malfunction and through our busiest shred events ever. When their trucks ran out of room to shred documents on-site, they took boxes, loaded them up into their trucks and took them to their facility to safely shred. Thank you ADD so much for your commitment to reducing paper waste.

Fall paper shred events

ADD workers helping our members at the Arnold branch on Saturday, May 1

We will be providing this same paper shredding service through American Document Destruction this fall. Please stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more information when the event dates get closer.

  • Arnold: Saturday, September 18
  • Florissant: Saturday, September 25

We will see you then.