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Thank you for helping us celebrate International Credit Union Day

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Thank you for helping us celebrate International Credit Union Day

On Thursday, Oct. 21, we came together to celebrate International Credit Union Day (ICU Day)®.

What is International Credit Union Day?

The primary goal of International Credit Union Day is to raise awareness about what it means for members around the world to have a credit union as their financial partner.

This year’s ICU Day theme, “Building financial health for a brighter tomorrow,” reflects the way credit unions contribute to a brighter future by working to improve members’ financial well-being. It’s at the heart of the mission and structure of credit unions. The essence of this commitment is reflected in each institution’s bylaws and it’s something credit unions have been doing for more than 100 years.

Of course we ran a Facebook contest to see why our members choose a credit union

We sent an email and asked members to comment on a Facebook post about why they choose a credit union for their banking needs. Four winners received a $50 deposit into their Arsenal accounts for participating, and we appreciate every comment we received.

Some of the most popular responses we received included “friendly service,” “helpful and knowledgeable staff,” “great rates” and “fewer fees.”

A lot of responses mentioned that the member opened an account years ago because of their proximity to the branch, but they have kept banking with us because of the level of service we provide.

One great comment from a younger member stated that it’s always a concern being taken seriously when applying for loans and opening accounts. Arsenal was able to explain everything she needed to know and help prepare her for her financial future.

Here’s what our winners had to say about why they choose a credit union

Tina Dimmett Harvath

“I chose Arsenal Credit Union because it has accessible branches. It is people friendly and in my neighborhood there are a lot of good people there. I started originally because I had a car loan and stayed due to the customer service and options it provides.”

Heather Canania

“I chose Arsenal Credit Union to start my first bank account. My parents were long term members and it was so close to home. The people who work there have always been very helpful answering all my questions and making sure i was informed. Since it was my first account I knew next to nothing about banking. I have now been with them for almost 10 years and now have a lot more understanding. I would recommend a Credit union over a typical bank because they help get to know you so they can help you the best way possible.”

Joyce Crockett-Hamilton

“I love the services at Arsenal Credit Union; and all of their friendly, helpful staff. It is convenient and and easy to use.”

Brooke Reed

“I chose ACU because they were conveniently located. I stay because the service is top notch, rates are low, and they care about my financial health. My kids opened child accounts years ago, and are now adult ACU members as well!”

You can view our International Credit Union Day post on Facebook to read all of the wonderful comments.

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