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Kids can get paid for good grades!

Kids can get paid for good grades!

We want to reward hard work at school in the form of cash!

The Tracker Academic All-Stars Program is our way of rewarding good grades while encouraging savings.

Here’s how the program works

For the fall 2021/spring 2022 school year, Tracker Kids Club members in kindergarten through sixth grade will earn $1.00 for each “A” (or equivalent) in the first and last semesters of English, math and science/social studies. Each eligible student may also receive an additional $1.00 per semester for “A’s” (or equivalent) in other classes (up to two).

That’s a total of up to $10.00 into a youth savings account just for being a good student!

To get your reward, please email your child’s copy of their report card to Jenny Remes at jremes@arsenalcu.com. You can also visit a branch with a copy of the report card.

The deadline to get this special incentive is Thursday, June 30. 

Please allow up to 15 days for funds to be deposited into your child’s account.