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Bank on your terms: Explore our digital solutions

Mobile and Online
Bank on your terms: Explore our digital solutions

You’re in control. We’re here to help!

At Arsenal, it’s our job to help you make your financial decisions quickly and conveniently when, where and how you want.

Why hold back? Check out our unique line of digital banking products designed to save you time and money.

It all starts with our mobile banking app

Expect more out of your mobile banking app. Don’t have the app? Download it today. Already have it? Check out some of these cool features you may be missing out on.

Download Mobile Banking

Control your cards with CardKey

Keep tabs on your Arsenal debit and credit cards at all times. CardKey is free to use and available for all debit and credit cards.

  • Lock/unlock your cards if they’re ever lost or stolen.
  • Set up alerts and controls for specific spending amounts.
  • Create travel alerts when you go out of town.
  • Plus a whole lot more.

Download CardKey

Start a video chat on your phone or computer

Live Video Banking lets you speak to an Arsenal representative face-to-face on your phone or computer during normal business hours. We’re just a click away when you download our free app directly to your mobile device.

Download Live Video Banking

Pay loans using outside accounts

Have a loan with us and want to pay it with an outside account or debit card? It’s easy for you to make payments with us.

  • Make payments for free in online/mobile banking.
  • Use the PAY LOAN option at ArsenalCU.com.
  • Give us a call at 314.962.6963, option 6, then 2.

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