Providing students with financial education

A financial education program that we provide to several local high schools found that students who took the online courses increased their financial knowledge by 37 percent during the past 2021-22 school year based on pre- and post-testing conducted.

Overall, 965 students completed 2,908 hours of learning.

“Helping people of all ages become more financially savvy and improve their financial well-being is part of our mission at Arsenal,” said Ken Moser, vice president of marketing. “Through our high school program alone, we drove $168,875 in economic value to these learners through healthy behaviors promoted by the courses.”


We partner with EVERFI, a leading education technology company, to provide this digital financial education program based on learning modules. These modules enable students to practice and develop healthy financial habits through real-world scenarios and engaging educational interactions.

We’ll continue to sponsor digital-based financial education locally during the 2022-23 school year and beyond. A total of 5,607 students have completed 18,402 hours of learning since we first began offering the program in the Spring 2016 school semester.

The program aligns with national JumpStart Coalition standards, and the content is validated and recommended by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Educators who incorporate the learning modules into their curriculum rate the program highly, too.

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