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Leaders, idea makers and great thinkers wanted!

Arsenal News
Leaders, idea makers and great thinkers wanted!

Now is your chance to join the credit union’s board of directors or supervisory committee in a volunteer leadership position.

What does it mean to volunteer at Arsenal Credit Union?

We could tell you more about volunteering at Arsenal, but we thought having our current board chairman, Gary Dierks, explain it in his own words would help you understand why his role and others at the credit union are so important.

This is our official call for nominations

We’re looking for qualified members who are interested in serving in volunteer leadership positions at the credit union.

We will have three open positions on our board of directors and two on our supervisory committee next April.

If you have ideas on how to grow and steer the credit union into the future, we want to hear from you. Click the link below to fill out our online application.

Or, you can contact Theresa Budde at tbudde@arsenalcu.com or 314.501.1641 if you’d like a physical application.

Click here to apply online today! 

The deadline to apply for a volunteer position is Friday, Nov. 11.

Volunteers will be elected at our Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

What role do volunteers play at the credit union?

  • Our volunteers are decision makers. You’ll play a significant role in strengthening the value of the credit union and planning out our successes.
  • You’ll voice your questions, views and ideas to other volunteers on the board and senior management at quarterly meetings and annual planning sessions.
  • Volunteering is also a great way for you to continue learning, add to your professional development and work alongside other service-minded people.

Our volunteers are broken into two groups:

  • Members of the board of directors oversee the general direction of the credit union.
  • Members of the supervisory committee monitor the financial strength of the credit union.

View a full list of volunteer responsibilities

Who can volunteer?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you can become a volunteer. Here are the basic requirements:

  • Must be a primary member on your savings account.
  • Have at least one other product relationship besides a savings account.
  • Be in good standing.
  • Meet attendance and training requirements.
  • Be willing to represent membership as a whole and make decisions in everyone’s best interests.

Click here to apply online today!