This spring, we held two community recycling events. We partnered with the City of Arnold and Arnold Parks and Recreation to host both of the events at the Arnold Rec Center.

At our paper shred event in April, we shredded and recycled 20,625 pounds of documents. PROSHRED, a world leader in on-site shredding services based in Overland, MO, securely destroyed all documents at the event.

In May, we held our eRecycling event, saving 11,721 pounds of e-waste from landfills. Midwest Recycling Center a certified R2v3 and RIOS company based in Imperial and Park Hills, MO, collected old, broken and obsolete electronics and transported them back to its facility for proper destruction and recycling.

As a credit union, it’s our mission to give back to the community. While we mostly focus on helping people achieve their financial goals, it’s always great to help preserve the environment, too. By holding these events, we also keep a lot of personal information safe, providing financial wellness for all.

Executive Vice President Lori Crutchley.

Once again, thank you for everyone who participated in the events. We plan to hold them again at the same location next spring.

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