Improvements coming to Arnold in Oct. 2023

We’re excited to announce some big service enhancements and cosmetic changes coming to our Arnold HQ.

On Monday, Sept. 18, we’ll start construction to transform our current drive-up teller stations into interactive video tellers and 24/7 ATMs.

During construction, you’ll still have access to two lanes of drive-up tellers and the ATM outside the branch.

Construction will wrap up in early October, and you’ll have full access to our new machines. We’ll provide concierge service during the first few weeks to help make your first transactions easy.

How will these changes help me?

After the project is complete, you’ll still connect directly to our staff, just on video instead of through a window.

You’ll also be able to inquire about your accounts, ask about loans and learn about our current promotions.

All drive-up stations will become 24/7 ATMs, giving you faster access to basic cash withdrawals and deposits without the waiting.

Other options during construction

  • Online + mobile banking are available for you to pay bills, transfer money and deposit checks from your phone.
  • Live Chat and Live Video Banking are available for you to speak with member solutions representatives.
  • As always, you’re welcome to come inside of our branch. We’re always happy to see you.


We’ve compiled a list of questions you may have about using the new video teller stations. If you still have questions, please call us at 314.962.6363, start a Live Chat or contact us through Live Video Banking.

How do I use the video teller?

Just tap on the screen and follow the prompts. A representative will be available to help you on screen momentarily.

What do I need to use the video teller?

You’ll need to insert your driver’s license into the scanner located on the top-left of the machine. If we have your current ID on file, we can start the transaction with no need to scan.

What transactions can I do with a video teller?

You can perform most teller transactions, including but not limited to withdrawing and depositing cash, paying loans, making transfers between accounts and depositing checks.

How do I access the new ATMs?

Just insert your card and enter your PIN.

Can I choose how I get cash back?

You’ll be able to receive cash back with several of the most popular denominations.

Where will the video tellers be located?

All video tellers will be headquartered at our Arnold branch. You’ll probably recognize the faces.

Are these new machines free to use?

Yes! As part of the CO-OP network, ATM transactions are also free for members of other credit unions that participate.

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