In early 2024, your online + mobile banking experience will get an upgrade. Earlier this year, we sent you a brief list of new features designed to enhance your experience and give you more control over your finances.

With the launch date getting closer, we wanted to give you more information on what you need to do to be prepared for a quick and easy transition (don’t worry, it’s not much).

As always, feel free to reach out by live chat, live video banking, over the phone or at a branch if you have any questions.

Follow these steps to login for the first time:

  • Enter your username and password, click Login.
  • Follow the prompts to create a new password (re-enter your username and provide your Social Security number and ZIP code).
  • Next, you’ll receive a multi-factor authentication (MFA) code to your phone or email. Enter the MFA code and reset your password.
  • Validate your personal contact information, enable eStatements and accept terms and conditions.

After completing the steps, you’ll be directed to your accounts page. To make sure you have complete access if you forget a username/password on upgrade day, please update your contact information in online or mobile banking today.

Update your contact info

Key items to know before the upgrade

Know what online + mobile banking information will change and what will stay the same before upgrade day.

Will I need a new username or password?

You won’t need a new password. Just login to your online banking account using your current credentials. Once you’ve entered your current credentials, you’ll be prompted to update your password.

What if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the secure Forgot Password link in the login box. Follow these simple steps:

• Click Forgot Username or Password and choose the password option.
• Enter your username, Social Security number, ZIP code and hit Continue.
• Choose to have your password reset by SMS text, email or voice call.
• Enter the six-digit verification code you receive.
• Create your new password and you’ll be able to view your accounts.

What if I forgot my username?

• Click Forgot Username or Password and choose the username option.
• Enter your member number and Social Security number. Then enter either your birthdate or email.
• Choose SMS text, email or voice call for your username recovery method.
• Enter the six-digit verification code.
• You’ll be prompted with your online banking username and have the option to login.

Will my account or card numbers change?

No. All of your deposit account numbers, debit card numbers, credit card numbers and loan account information will stay the same.

Can I login to online banking at still?

Yes. You’ll be able to login using a web browser the same way you always have. No need to change any bookmarks or saved links.

Will I need to reinstall the mobile app?

Yes. The Arsenal mobile app is receiving a complete rebuild. We’ll provide you with links to download the new, updated app when launch date gets closer. You will need to re-enter your Face ID or fingerprint access when you login again.

Changes to how you view your accounts

You’ll no longer have to remember multiple usernames/passwords to view separate accounts. Every account you’re associated with will be available to view with a single login.

Will my accounts page look different?

Yes. When you login to your account for the first time after the upgrade, you’ll be able to see every account you’re associated with at Arsenal. Click or tap on an account to view your detailed history.

Where can I find my transaction history?

You can see up to 120 days of account history in Online or Mobile Banking by selecting Accounts > Transactions, choosing an account and a date range. You can also see your most recent transactions by selecting Accounts > Snapshot and clicking on an account.

How do I make a transfer or pay a loan?

There are many options to make transfers and pay your loans at Arsenal within online + mobile banking.

• Move money to your Arsenal accounts.
• Set up external accounts at other financial institutions and transfer to them.
• Transfer money to other Arsenal members.
• Pay your loans at Arsenal with an Arsenal account, an outside account or an outside debit card.

Can I set up recurring transfers?

Yes. There are many options to set up recurring transfers within online + mobile banking.

• Daily
• Weekly
• Bi-weekly
• Monthly
• Bi-monthly
• Quarterly
• Semi-annually
• Annually

Will my current recurring transfers transfer to the new system?

A majority of members’ recurring transfers will carry over to the new online + mobile banking system. If we’re unable to carry over your recurring transfer, you’ll receive an email with further instructions.

Do I need to re-register for Bill Pay?

No. Bill Pay will not be changing at all. Your current payees will still be available when the upgrade takes place.

Can I set up a direct deposit?

Yes. You can easily take care of this within online + mobile banking. You can also divide your check up to split into your checking, savings or special savings accounts.

Online + mobile banking features

What changes are happening to some of the most popular tools and features within online + mobile banking?

Can I still manage my debit/credit cards in CardKey?

We’ll be retiring the CardKey app for card management. You’ll be able to lock/unlock, set alerts/controls, schedule travel notifications and more all from within online + mobile banking after the upgrade.

Will I be able to set up account alerts?

Yes. You’ll be able to set up a number of alerts for your accounts within online + mobile banking. After the upgrade, please login to reset your alerts to make sure your account is customized the way you like.

How do I access Live Video Banking and Live Chat?

You’ll be able to access Live Video Banking and Live Chat three different ways.

• Start a video call or live chat with us on before logging into online banking.
• Start a video call or live chat with us after you’ve logged in inside of the online banking portal.
• Start a video call or live chat with us within the mobile banking app.

Do I need to update my information on Zelle?

Yes. If you currently use Zelle for P2P transactions, you’ll need to re-enroll in the service. None of your previous Zelle information from Arsenal’s current online or mobile banking platform will carry over to the new system.

Can I still use Mobile Check Deposit?

Yes. When logged into the mobile app, just tap the Deposit Check button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to deposit your checks on your phone whenever, wherever, using the mobile app.

Will I be able to use Money Management for savings goals?

We will be eliminating the Money Management feature and will introduce an improved savings goals feature within the new online + mobile banking platform.

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