Question: How do I get more time back in my day?

Answer: That’s a tough one, but we’re going to try to help with a new communication system designed with saving you time in mind.

In late December 2023, you’ll gain access to a new live chat, video and voice system that gives you more control over how to reach us digitally.

This new communication system will first be available on our website ( In late January, once we upgrade our online + mobile banking service, you’ll be able to access these new communication tools both before and after you login to your account.

And the best part about this upgrade? There are no extra apps to download, no new login information to remember and no new accounts to create!

Choose your preferred way to reach us

Once the system launches, you’ll notice a new icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen where the “Live Chat” button used to be. Click or tap it and you can choose how you want to connect with us. Start a live chat to type. Start a video call to talk to us face-to-face. You can even text or call us using directly through the app.

Note: If you’d still like to call us from our number (314.962.6363), our phone directory will still offer the same convenience you’re accustomed to.

Connect directly to who you’re looking for

The new communication system will help direct you to the correct department so you wait less. If you need to set up a new password, you’ll be automatically directed to our Member Solutions Center. If you have a question about the Webster Groves branch, you’ll be in contact with a branch employee.

Need help with your loan documents? The new system will direct you to our lending department? Can’t make your next loan payment? You’ll be directed to a certified financial counselor for additional help.

No extra apps to download

When we rolled out Live Video Banking in 2022, there was an extra app to download for your mobile device. Once the new system is available, you’ll no longer need the extra app. All you’ll need to do is visit and choose which way you want to reach us in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

There’s no need to keep the Live Video Banking app if you have it saved on your phone or tablet.

And as always, if you want to visit us at a branch, we’re happy to see and serve you.

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