Slate of candidates

The Arsenal Credit Union board of directors has approved the following slate of candidates for volunteer office, as recommended by the nominating committee.

  • Board of Directors: Keith Emery (three-year term), Juanita Novotny (three-year term) and Edward Fitzhenry (one-year term)
  • Supervisory Committee: Chuck Thilman (three-year term) and Bradley McKee (one-year term)

Volunteers will be elected to positions at our Annual Membership meeting on Thursday, April 25.

Call for petitions

Any primary members age 18 and older in good standing with the credit union who would like to run for a position on the board of directors or supervisory committee can get their name added to the official ballot by collecting one-half of one percent of the credit union’s membership within the next four weeks.

This equates to 158 members, based on total membership of 31,476 as of month-end Dec. 2023.

The deadline to submit petitions is Saturday, Feb. 24. For the official petition form and procedures, please contact Theresa Budde at or 314.501.1614.

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