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Why Choose Arsenal?

"Switching to Arsenal was the best banking decision I ever made. I wish I would've done it earlier."

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Why Choose Arsenal?

Your life goals and financial goals are one in the same. If you’re looking to achieve and exceed your goals, we want to help.

Arsenal Credit Union is a local, not-for-profit financial institution that offers the same products and services as a bank but far more financial benefits for you – better rates on loans and deposits, and fewer/lower fees. That means more money in your pocket.

If you don’t like paying a monthly service fee for a savings or checking account, Arsenal is for you

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When you opened your first bank account, did you have to deposit some ridiculous amount of money and maintain a large balance or risk getting hit with a $5 or higher monthly fee? There are no monthly service fees on savings accounts at Arsenal.

With us, you only need to deposit a minimum of $5. That money is a “share” in the credit union instead of money that’s invested in high-risk securities.

You can also get a checking account with no monthly fees that comes with an instant-issue debit card when you open your account at any of our full-service branches. You can even earn rewards points when you use your debit card for signature-based transactions.

If you’re tired of ATM fees, Arsenal is for you


Why should you have to suffer because your bank doesn’t have ATMs everywhere? A $4 fee here and there really adds up. You shouldn’t have to spend $24 to withdraw $20. That’s a ripoff!

When you have a checking account and a debit card with us, you can easily find a free ATM or shared branch. We actually give you more convenience than what the biggest banks offer. Enjoy free access to 250 ATMs and 50+ shared branches locally, and nearly 30,000 ATMs and 5,600+ shared branches nationwide!

If you value lower rates on loans and credit cards, Arsenal is DEFINITELY for you

We get it. You’re looking for low monthly payments on your loans and credit cards. Because our mission is to give back to our members instead of profiting on them, we can offer much lower rates than banks.

We have saved members close to $1 million on auto loans from other lenders. Our credit card features a much lower rate and fewer fees than retail store cards. We even help members consolidate and get out of debt with our personal and home equity loans.

Simply a better choice


Not only do we offer you a whole package of additional membership benefits, we are also committed to the communities we serve. From 2013 through 2019, our employees volunteered 6,506 total hours. In 2019, employees volunteered a total of 1,292 hours!

Since 1948, we’ve been helping people, like you, improve their social and financial well-being. Our mission is to help people and work for you.  We treat your money – and you – with the utmost care. Here, you’re not just a number. You’re family.

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