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Payday Bonus 💰

Win $250 just for using your Arsenal debit card

We want to reward you for making your everyday purchases

Every week, a big chunk of your paycheck goes into things you need to buy: Gas, food, coffee, etc. Usually, you wouldn’t think twice about paying for these things with your Arsenal debit card. You still don’t have to think twice about your purchases, but now you can win cash just for making them.

Every time you use your Arsenal debit card and run it as credit (signature at some retailers), you’ll be entered into a bi-weekly drawing for $250! We will pick one winner, twice a month at random, so the more you use your card, the more chances you have to win. Think of the prize money as your Payday Bonus.

Here’s how easy it is to enter:

Burger with all the fixin's
Your next burger could win you $250
  • Gas: One entry
  • Lunch: One entry
  • Gift for your significant other on Amazon: One entry
  • Grocery store: One entry
  • Emergency trip to the grocery store for toothpicks for the meatballs you bought right after work for the office potluck: One entry

That’s five entries into the drawing, and all you had to do was use your Arsenal debit card without inputting a PIN! It’s that easy to enter, making it even easier for you to win.

Earn more entries

Keep your Arsenal debit card at the top of your physical and digital wallet.

  • Keep your Arsenal debit card at the top of your physical wallet for everyday purchases.
  • Make sure to select your Arsenal debit card as the default payment option for any eCommerce sites you regularly use (Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, etc.).
  • Set up your debit card as the default payment option in your mobile device’s payment options (Google Pay and Apple Pay).
  • Add your debit card as the default payment for apps your frequently make purchases on (Uber, Lyft, Groupon, etc.)

Pass on entering a PIN

When you insert your chip card at the retailer, you’ll be prompted to run it as a credit or debit. All you have to do is select the credit option. If you’re not sure which button to press, ask the cashier which color indicates credit. Sometimes, if your purchase is above a certain dollar amount, you’ll be asked to sign. For smaller purchases, you won’t be asked to sign. When you visit a sit-down restaurant and pay with your debit card, your waiter automatically runs it as credit and you sign the receipt.

When you run your Arsenal debit card as credit, a different network is simply used to process the transaction. The money you’re spending still comes from your Arsenal checking account. You won’t incur any finance charges or receive a monthly bill like you would on a credit card.

Earn rewards points, too!

Another reason for selecting credit over debit at the point of sale is to rack up rewards points you can redeem for merchandise, gift cards, etc*. No rewards points or entries into our bi-weekly $250 drawings are earned when you enter a PIN. See all cool things you can cash in your rewards points for.

View the official rules of this contest.

*Rewards points are not available for business debit cards.