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Savings Account

"It is always a pleasure to do business at the drive-up or walk-up. It's refreshing to feel like my business is truly appreciated."

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  • Safe

    Deposits are federally insured

  • Earns dividends

    Rates comparable to and often higher than competitors

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Your entry to everything

With as little as a $5 deposit, you can start a savings account at the credit union. This simple action instantly makes you a member/owner of Arsenal and gives you access to all of our financial products and services. Once you establish membership, you never lose it as long as you maintain a $5 balance in your savings account and remain in good standing.

Save to reach your financial goals for both the short and long term. Save so you have money to cover emergencies. Save so you don’t always have to borrow money to buy things you want and need.

The credit union difference

Big banks are focused on generating profits for their shareholders, which means their customers become an afterthought. On the other hand, credit unions like Arsenal are not for profit, member owned and service focused. That’s why we can give our members higher yields on deposit accounts and lower rates on loans.

  1. 1

    Watch your savings grow

    When you open a checking account, our Spend to Save program automatically rounds up your debit card transactions to the next dollar, depositing the "spare change" into your savings account.Learn More

  2. 2

    Access anywhere

    Through the credit union CO-OP network, we offer thousands of free ATMs. We're also part of a large network that enables you to do transactions on your Arsenal account at other credit union branches throughout the St. Louis metro area and, in fact, the whole country! Learn More

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    Save as you're paid

    We have payroll deduction as an option for this account, so you can make a set amount of your paycheck each month go straight to your savings.

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experience the credit union difference.

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Regular Savings $100 0.15% / 0.15% Monthly (Dividend)
Special Savings $0 0.15% / 0.15% Monthly (Dividend)
Tracker Kids Club $0 0.15% / 0.15% Monthly
Christmas Club $0 0.15% / 0.15% Monthly
Vacation Club $0 0.15% / 0.15% Monthly
Value Checking $0 0.05% / 0.05% Monthly
Advantage Plus Checking $0 0.08% / 0.08% Monthly
Business Checking II $500 0.05% / 0.05% Monthly
Business Checking III $2,500 0.08% / 0.08% Monthly
IRA Savings Account** $0 0.20% / 0.20% Monthly
Money Market Account $2,500 - $9,999 0.65% / 0.65% Monthly
$10,000 - $24,999 0.75% / 0.75% Monthly
$25,000 - $49,999 0.85% / 0.85% Monthly
$50,000 - $99,999 0.95% / 0.95% Monthly
$100,000 and over 1.05% / 1.05% Monthly

Rates Subject To Change Without Notice. Rates as of 11-1-2022.
*APY=Annual Percentage Yield
**On IRA savings accounts, fees could reduce earnings on the account and early withdrawal penalties may be imposed.


Savings Calculator

Total Savings



Christmas club funds are available in early October, and Vacation Club money is available in early May. At these times, the money you've saved – plus the interest you've earned – will be transferred to your savings or checking account, whichever you have chosen. An early withdrawal fee helps you resist the temptation to withdraw funds early.
There is a $25 service fee charged if the account is closed within a year of opening.
As of May 1, 2020, consumers can make an unlimited number of convenient transfers and withdrawals from their savings deposits.
To earn interest, you must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $100. Kids club members earn interest on any amount.
Yes. The money in your savings account is federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
Accrued dividends will not be credited if the account is closed before the dividends are paid.
Yes. By setting up a cross-account agreement, you can transfer money, view balances, check transaction history and request transfers from linked accounts – all from one online banking login. The user with access to your account can even make deposits using mobile check deposit on the Arsenal app. To set up account access for another user, the account owner of both the sending account and the recipient account must sign a form for the cross-account relationship to be established. To learn more, contact us or start a live chat.

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Savings for all seasons

Once you open a regular savings account, you are eligible to open other specialized ones with Arsenal.

  • Christmas Club

    Want to make the holidays magical? Open a Christmas Club account to start saving early. Here's how it works: whenever you want, deposit money into your Christmas Club account. Then, in early October, we'll disburse the funds back into your regular savings account. There are no deposit requirements.

  • Vacation Club

    Our Vacation Club account is similar to Christmas Club. You'll save throughout the year, and your money will be disbursed back to you in early May, so you can take your dream vacation. There are no minimum balance or deposit requirements.

  • Tracker Kids Club

    Our award-winning Tracker Kids Club (named after our costumed Basset Hound mascot) teaches children age 12 and under the importance of saving money. We give kids a stamp for every $10 they deposit. They can use these stamps to earn cool prizes.

    All Tracker members receive a birthday card in the mail with a double-points offer and invitations to free events held throughout the year. We also do a $10 drawing each month for kids who make a deposit of any amount that month. At the end of each school year, we give club members in kindergarten through sixth grade $1 for every 'A' they receive (up to $10 total) in the first and last semesters in English, math, science, social studies and one other subject. They simply need to bring in their report card or send a copy to Jenny Remes at jremes@arsenalcu.com by the deadline to participate.

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