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Spend to Save

"Customer service was very attentive and worked quickly. I would definitely recommend Arsenal Credit Union to anyone!"

Tonya H.
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Watch your spare change add up

If you’re like most Americans, saving money can be a real challenge. If you need help saving, Spend to Save makes it easy.

Spend to Save rounds up transactions you make using your Arsenal debit card and automatically deposits the change into your savings account. For example: If you make a transaction for $4.76, Spend to Save will deposit 24 cents into your Arsenal savings account. Over time, your spare change will add up!

Spend to Save is available for all checking accounts.

Why enroll in Spend to Save?

Here’s what sets our Spend to Save program apart from the competition:

  1. 1

    It's free

    Many other "round-up" apps on the market cost money to use. Our Spend to Save program is free.

  2. 2

    It's automatic

    We take the thinking out of saving. Watch your account grow just by using your Arsenal debit card.

  3. 3

    It's convenient

    There's no additional app to download. View all of your transactions within online or mobile banking.

Keep your piggy bank safe

You can enroll in Spend to Save by visiting a branch or contacting us via our Live Chat tool.

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All you need is a checking account with a debit card at Arsenal.
To enroll in Spend to Save, visit a branch and a member service rep will enroll you in the program. Or, you can email or call us or start a live chat with one of our eServices representatives and we will sign you up – with nothing to sign!
When viewing your online and mobile banking accounts, Spend to Save transactions will appear as “Deposit SPD2SAV TRANSFER.”

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For accounting purposes, if more than one debit card transaction posts to your account in a calendar day, the change will be totaled and transferred to your savings account and show as a single “Spend to Save” transaction. For example: on purchases of $12.64, $33.17 and $68.41, the transferred amount will show as $1.78 in your savings account, reflecting 36 cents, 83 cents and 59 cents being added up.

If the transfer of “Spend to Save” funds would result in an overdraft, the transfer will not occur.