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Visa® TravelMoney Cards/Visa Gift Cards

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For travel, gifts and more

Buy a prepaid card for travel, budgeting or as a gift for an impossible-to-shop-for loved one. The card is not tied directly to your Arsenal account, but paid for in advance. Use it anywhere Visa is accepted, including ATMs to withdraw cash and online to make purchases.

A card you'll love, from a credit union you love

The TravelMoney cards we offer are easy to reload and come with travel perks and protection. Each card costs $6.95 up front, but there is no issue fee for Advantage Plus Checking account holders. Visa gift cards at Arsenal sell for $3.00 and are not reloadable.

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    Manage your card

    We let you reload your TravelMoney card whenever you want at any Arsenal branch. You can also check your balance, set up alerts and add funds online at CUMoney.com or by calling 1.877.850.9650.

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    Take a journey

    A TravelMoney card is safer and easier than paper-based traveler's checks. It even comes with special travel enhancements: purchase security, emergency assistance and a lost luggage reimbursement.

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    Spend safely

    These cards are great if you need to stick to a strict budget. If the card balance is zero, it simply won't work, instead of charging you fees. It's also safe to use, with zero liability for fraudulent purchases.

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Yes, $100 and $5,000, respectively, whether you're getting your card for the first time or reloading it at the credit union. If you reload it at CUmoney.com, the minimum amount is the same ($100), but the maximum is lower ($2,500).
It varies based on the type of transaction you do. For point-of-sale (POS) purchases that you make using your signature, the daily limit is 25 transactions or $5,000 per day. For POS purchases with a PIN, you are limited to 25 transactions or $2,500 daily. For cash advances, two transactions or $1,000 per day. For ATM withdrawals, three transactions or $500 per day.
If you don't use your card at all for 10 consecutive months, a $5 monthly fee is charged.
Yes, the minimum load is $10 and the maximum is $1,000.
No. While Advantage Plus checking account holders do not have to pay an issue fee ($6.95) on TravelMoney cards, this does not apply to gift cards, which cost $3.00 for all members.
If you have no activity on your card for 12 months, a $5 monthly fee is charged. If you lose your card, the replacement fee is $10. Those are the only other fees.

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