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Compare Checking Accounts

"The people who work for Arsenal are always friendly and helpful. I really appreciate knowing they care about my needs."

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Find the account that is right for you

Whether you’re looking for your basic everyday free account or one that will earn interest while your money sits, we’ve got an account that will meet your needs. Take a look at the advantages of each to help decide which account is best for you!

Compare Checking Accounts

Advantage Plus Checking Value Checking Totally Free Checking
Monthly Fee $4.00
No balance requirement
None if $500 minimum avg. daily balance requirement met; otherwise, $4.00 None
Interest Paid Yes Yes No
Check Orders One free package of checks a year Refer to price list Refer to price list
Advantages Free checks, card rewards, waived fees and earn higher interest. This is our top-tier account. Earn rewards on signature-based transactions & interest on your account balance. No monthly fees or minimum balance. Perfect for your everyday purchasing and bill-paying needs. Earn rewards on signature-based transactions.