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Community Involvement

People Helping People

Thousands of hours of service and counting

Be. The. Good.

Doing good in the community and being socially responsible are both important to Arsenal Credit Union, and even though we are not a charity, our care for people goes beyond those who do business with us. It applies to all people.

7,138 hours

That’s how many hours our employees volunteered from 2013 through 2020 toward improving our community on behalf of the credit union. In 2020, even with the pandemic keeping us apart, employees were able to give back over 632 hours. That equals about $17,136, according to Independent Sector’s estimated value of volunteer time.

Here are just a few of the ways we gave back in 2020

Financial Education

We’ve taught a lot of young people in the classroom about personal finance – reaching 8,826 students through 362 presentations over the past six years.


Upon request, our youth financial education specialist and certified educator in personal finance (CEPF), Jenny Remes, will present at local schools. As a 15-year program veteran, Jenny engages students in the responsibility of saving, investing, managing credit and keeping money safe and secure with presentations that can be customized to grade level, needs and curriculum.


We help deliver high quality, unbiased, digital financial education to students at local high schools in partnership with EverFi, Inc.


Since 2004, we have earned eight Alphonse Desjardins Awards at the state level for our youth financial education efforts and one for our adult education program.


Contact Jenny Remes

Arsenal Community Impact Fund


We offer grants to charitable organizations who help the communities we serve. We’re also able to help with smaller donations, volunteer time and crowdfunding.

Meet our winners from 2021

Meet our winners from 2020

"I have always appreciated my banking at Arsenal. It's super. It's clean, friendly, professional and helpful. I especially appreciate the fact that it is so community-oriented. I love the pleasant spirit of the place."

Clay S.